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tv   C-SPAN Weekend  CSPAN  April 30, 2011 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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this hugee from budget deficitthis huge burden we have laid on this country is the result people in washington think they know better and the trust themselves more than they trust you. obamacare is about a man who believes he is caring for you so he designed a health care system that provides for every man and woman in america. that is carrying in his mind. that is not caring. that is trying to manipulat every man and woman to do what you want them to do and that is not america. [applause] what would i do to get this economyoing? first and foremt i would repeal obamacare. out of the box. [applause] i would cut taxes a cut taxes on people who create jobs in
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america and incentivize corporatio to keep their employment here in this country by cting corporate taxes. those are the kinds of things we have to do. again, trusting, trusting, you, trusting you trusting the american people to do what is right. we also need an energy policy. look a what is going on in our country today with these huge gas prices. and here's what the president of the united states said. he mocked sarah palin and john mccain and others from the last election who were talking about drill, baby, drill. he said that's not the awer. no, the answer is we need to conserve. we need to use less. we need all these n technologies to conserve and use less, liquid fuel. does the president really think you are that stupid? think about what he said. the anticipates is notupply.
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-- the answer is not supply. it's just demand. any basic economics class said there are two ways in which you can affect price. supply and demand. and under the president's world, there's only one. he does believe you're that stupid. but let me tell you what's going onight now in america. when i left the united states senate, we wer fighting over building l&g terminals on the east coast of the country. why? because we didn't have enough natural gas. well, during that time, we found something in pennsylvania, and in new york called marcelus shale. the largest natural gas find in the country. and guess what we're doing with those l.n.g. terminals? we're exporting natural gas y? drill, baby, drill. [applause] you want a lower cost? the reason and i'm almost done -- [laughter] i'll be very quick with my answers to the questions. the reason that we're seeing
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gasoline prices high is not because there's a shortage of gasoline. it's because there's uncertainty as where that gasoline is coming from. we need to make sure that gasoline is coming from here and ose prices will come down. [applause] you didn't get my big close. but that's -- >> senator, the administration has been pursuing a regulatory assault on americans, families, businesses, that they really can't get through congress. they're using the environmental protection agency, national labor relations board, other agencies to pursue their agenda. as president, what would you do about this assault from a regulatory perspective and rolling it back and specifically would you call for legislation that says congress has to approve regulations that cost beyond a certain dollar amount? >> we have all sorts of regulatory review procedures already in the congress.
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but look, the heart of the problem of regulations is passing laws and jim talks about this, passing laws that are these huge expansive bills that provide enormous flexibility for regulators to do incredible amounts of mischief. so the problem is the congress. it's -- the president is using the authority that the congress is giving to them. you look at the obamacare bill. and i think there's 700 times the words -- "the secretary shall" appears in that bill. you're giving power away from the people who were elected to actually make decisions about how government should operate and you're yielding them to the executive branch and worse yet to the bureaucracies within that branch. and so the best answer to this is not the -- to mess around with the regulatory system but let's get back to simpler bis, no big three, four, five, 6,000-page bills. but talk about getting simple bills that actually force
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congress to make decisions. when the lnrb, what's an unfair labor practice? well, read that law. you have no idea what an unfair labor practice is. so let's get congress back to the job of actually articulating what the laws should be and not yielding that authority over to the executive branch. [applause] >> senator tomko burn has called earmarks the gateway -- senator tom coburn has called eaarks the gateway drug to -- and they explode spending and even when republicans were in charge they dramatically increased. and you supported -- has your view othese earmarks changed and where would you go policy wise if you were president? >> jim demint, now, he doesn't have nearly the trac
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that that got out of control, and it led to larmir and larger increases in spending. and thinthse good council of my friend, jim. we owe the american public. i any it's very important also to say if we're going to do that, we need to have more oversight on what the president is spending money on. because when you have ear marks you give that authority to the con gressions to do. i've said ear marks are a bad
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thing, but then again, it's a bad thing for someone who thinks about running for president that you swear off earmarks. because earmarks are the congress not the president. so he rightly points out it's a corrupting influence and it's something we should get rid of. >> senator rick santorum. >> thank you, very much. maas applause -- [applause] >> and our third participant is governor mitt romney from massachusetts. governor? [applause] >> thank you. thank you, my friends. good to see so many people this evening. thank you for your great
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service to this great state, to our nation. thank you also mrs. and those who have come from outside the state to join us this evening. our hearts go out to the people in the south who were affected by that series of tornadoes. this morning great excitement as we saw a wedding across the pond and the president finally produced a birth certificate. and there's no one more disappointed than that amiable know it all windbag, joe biden. we wish joe biden well. i want to thank you in new hampshire for assessing who our next president ought to be. that's special, because you put so much involvement in the individuals and pay so much
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attention to that. i appreciate that. the nation does. because of that i want to explain why anne and i are back for a presidential run. my dad you don't know a lot about. he grew up poor. he was governor hater in life but he frew up poor. on his honeymoon to pay for hotels and gas, he sold paint from the trunk of his car. even though he didn't have a college degree, he believed in america where a plaster guy could make something of himself. now dad taught me values. he taught me the value of hard work and family and faith and their free eminence in my life and taught me toe care for other people and taught me an abiding love for the united states of america. as my career began, i got
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involved in business, you know. as a result of the business i was involved in some startup businesses and some were successful, sometimes some were not. what i learned is how you compete with other countries and how you can make america more competitive with more jobs to grow. that's why it's broken my heart to watch this president who has no experience in the private sector and he took the raines at the time the country was going down. he said he just inheritted the downturn. that's right. but he made it worse. and he made it deeper and longer. it's three years now. we have so many americans out of work. people who can't make ends meet because of the cost of gasoline
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and higher food prices. he could have learned better. he saw the mills in manchester. he saw the buildings. he could have learned that when you dealt with that economic crisis, you believed in holding down taxes, keeping regulations low and keeping governments small. now new hampshire is the capital of innovation and small business. but he didn't look to new hampshire. instead he looked to europe. he looked to europe. and when -- what he saw there is when the economies got in trouble, they bar owed and spent more money. then the federal government took it over and when the energy prices were there he saw that higher energy prices were the answer. you look at them one-by-one,
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it's just like the europeans. it didn't work in europe, and it's not doing going to work here. he got it wrong. don't look to europe. look to america. i believe in america. [applause] i vote in the american experiment. we got it right. they got it wrong. when the founders spoke of freedom and opportunity, think of the choices they made. they could have fashioned their declaration and -- our declaration and constitution based on a king and what he said. but they said we're not only going to let the american people select their representative but we're going to let the american people choose their course in life. america then became the place on the plant where every pioneer and freedom-lover wanted to come here. circumstance of birth was no
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barrier. even those who came here involuntarily as slaves had to overcome prejudice and bye yuss -- and bias had to overcome prejudice and other issues. we are freedom seekers and we are not going to let barack obama or the liberals or anyone else take that away from america. nibble free enterprise and capitalism. how many people here, you and your spouse work at a business? the private sector? almost everybody. i don't think the president likes you. i do like you. i know what it takes to help. we have to cap how much money we spend at the federal level at 19% of g.d.p. or lower.
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cap the spending and -- [applause] >> we americans are a patriotic people. i believe in the love that we have for these great people. i've seen the passion and fervor people have for this great land. when i helped torpgs winter games. i notice the athletes for america when they got the gold medal, they put their hand over their hearts. no other young people from around the world had this, that i noticed. i wondered where that began. it started with f.d.r. who asked those to put their hand over their heart as a sign of respect and admiration and love for those who had lost their lives and shed their blood on behalf of liberty.
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for those who more themselves their country loved and mercy more than life. this is a great country. america's greatness is being challenged by those who would make this country more like europe. it's not the answer to turn northward. tots turn to new hampshire and understand capitalism and small government and federalism and the constitution. a great land. god has blessed america. he's blessed it in part because great people here adhere to principals which are determine informant in nature. we want to provide for our future generations. thank you so much. great to be with you tonight. [applause]
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>> governor, on the fist day of the administration, the price of a gallon of gas was $133 -- it was $1.83. but it's not just gas prices, but utility bills that are going up. >> i just can't help but notice -- you remember during the ronald reagan-jimmy carter debates that ronald reagan came up with this industry index and he hung this thing around his neck? well we're going to have to hang this industry index around president obama's neck. families are having a hard time to make ends meet. we have to talk about that and bankruptcies and housing foreclosures and hang him with
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that, so to speak. met forkly -- you have to be careful these days. i learned that. with the obama misery index. he'd like to find a escape get to. by the time -- by the way, anytime the president has an concern, he points to someone else. he says energy prices are high, we're going to start an investigation into price gouging. if you want to see gasoline prices brought down, you have to increase supply. some say that would take years to come about, but you know something about how pricing works. when prices are set they look not only at supply and demand today but expectations. if we start drilling and use our oil and coal as well as our other available resources we
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can change the equation long-term and finally begin to bring that balance into a point where prices can be effective. one more thing. if we're going to spend a lot for energy, let's spend it here at home. let's not spend $1 trillion on other guys. [applause] >> governor, given the benefit of hindsight, would you still sign the health care bill you signed into law when you were governor of massachusetts. >> thank you. i was hoping i would get that question. thank you. it's about time. let me tell you, in my state as in most states there's problems in health care. you got people who change jobs and can't get reinsured. people that don't have insurance at all and then there's some folks who show up at a hospital with say a heart attack and they rack up huge
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bills, $100,000 bills and guess who they expect to pay? you. the taxpayers. my state we were spending hundreds of millions of dollars giving out free care to people who could have afforded to take care of it themselves, so i went to work to try to solve the problem. some parts of that experiment work. some parts didn't. one thing i would never do is impose a one size fits all health care plan like obama. it's unconstitutional and it won't work. [applause] >> and i like how the president wants to -- you will note that he and the democrats constantly want to give me credit for their plan. you know the method to their madness but if and when i have the occasion to debate president obama, i'm going to ask him this question. mr. president, why didn't you
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call me and ask how it worked? his plan will not work. it will bankrupt us. it's absolutely wrong. it's unconstitutional and bad policy and bad for america's policies and i will fight against it. but on day one i would instruct the secretary of health and human services to grant a waiver to all 50 states. [applause] >> governor mitt romney. next, business man herman from georgia. welcome, herman. [applause] >> thank you. congratulations to the people of the granite state for flipping this state, which shows that we the people are
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still in charge in this country. thank you for doing that. let it be known the tragedy in life doesn't come in not reaching your goals but not having goals reach for. it's not a can a lamb toy die with dreams unfull filled but it is a calamity to have no dreams. the american dream is under attack. the american dream is under attack because of too much legislation. too much regulation. and too much taxation. but that's good news. we can take it back. and we've already started to take back the american dream. step number one in taking back the american dream is to stimulate this economy.
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it's real simple. jobs, jobs, jobs will help to restore the american dream to millions of people who have given up hope. [applause] >> one of the first things i would ask this congress to do to stimulate the economy with real stimulus, lower the corporate tax rate from 25% to 35%. we are the only nation on the planet that has not done anytime the last 15 years and lower income tax rates, because this maycom as a surprise to liberals but when people keep more of what they earn and the businesses keep more of what they earn, the economy grows. you take it out of the government's hands and you put it in the people's hands. number two, take the capital gains tax rate to zero. that's going to drive the liberals crazy, but take it to
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zero. the liberals want to argue, well, you are just rewarding the rich. no you're not you're stimulating the investment in this country. lowering taxes is not in their d.n.a., but if we take this message to the american people and they understand how it will stimulate the economy, i believe we can get the people to support it. number three, take the profits to zero. they are not coming home anyway. we have nearly $1 trillion offshore that's not coming home because liberals want to tax it. take it to zero. let's give workers and customers a real tax holiday, not this crumb they threw out of lowering it a couple of percent. i believe we can lower the payroll tax for every worker in america, 6.2% for a year.
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let's give every worker in america a raise of 6.the% for a year. and i guarantee you this economy will be growing at a bigger rate than it is growing right now. [applause] >> now the liberals is going to say well how are you going to pay for it? it pays for itself. if they would stop long enough and look at history over the last 100 years, proper tax cuts pay for themselves. we've simply got to educate the american public on that fact and not on the fact that tax cuts take money. most importantly, in my five-point plan, after you make those changes, make the tax rates permanent. uncertainty is killing investment in this country. make them permanent. and by putting more of the
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people's money back in the hands of the people, we will get government out of the business at the start of picking winners and losers. government's role is not to pick winners and losers. government's role is to make sure they provide the environment for businesses to thrive and not just survive. spending. let's start with repeal and replacement of obama care from a government-centered program to a patient-centered program. ideas are already on the table. all we have to do is take those ideas and pass them with the right leadership. spending, ethree words. cut, cut and cut. i can think of a few that could be cut to the bone. i don't believe in man dates. if we are going to send money to a state, let's -- if i were
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president of the united states i would use the same approach i used when i took over some failing companies that were going broke. you do an across-the-board cut of 10% then do a deep drive. mitt romney has done the same thing with many businesses. do a deep dive. sit down and find programs that are overlapping or dupely can ative or not doing anything. too many programs die on the vine and we keep paying for them. [applause] but the only way we're going to seriously cut is to restructure those programs like social security. that's where i would start. i would use the chilean model with the personal retirement program. many say you're trying to privatize and take away the benefits for old people, puppy
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dogs and kids. this is how they generally try to demagogue an idea. the chileans fixed their problem years ago with that. i believe if you have the right leader in the white house that understands what i call common sense solutions, we can do this. and here's why. if you get past that line in that great document, life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, you'll find more words i told a caller one night. if any form of government becomes destructive of these ends, it's the right of the people to alter it. we've got some altering to do. [applause] and so i believe we can do this, because we the people are
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still in charge of this country. the second reason i believe we can do it is paws this sleeping giant called we the people, the tea party movement the citizen's movement, whatever you want to call it, this sleeping giant has awakened. and it's not going back to sleep. this is why i believe we will be able to do this. now that being said, not going to be easy. it wasn't easy for the granite state to turn this state. it's not going to be easy for us to take back our government. but i believe that we can. my grandfather was a small farmer all of his life. my grandfather used to take a wagon load of potatoes into town. he didn't drive down the smooth center part of the road. grandpa would always drive on the rough part of the dirt road. and so i asked my grandfather one day, grand parks why do you drive with those mules pulling
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the wagon on the rough part of the road? he said that way by the time we get to town, all of the little potatoes would be on the bottom and all of the big potatoes would be on the top. we are the big potatoes, and we can take back our country. [applause] be a big potato! [applause] >> mr. cain do you support a balanced budget to the constitution and if so what provisions would you like to see in it specifically? >> yes. i support a balanced budget amendment to the constitution. absolutely. [applause] the provision in it should be real simple. every year, the united states congress could not spend more than we take in. it's really simple.
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and if we have a thriving economy, by stimulating it with direct stimulus, we won't have a revenue problem. and it will be easier for us to be able to balance our budget every year. [applause] >> mr. cain, businesses often support corporate welfare in the form of taxpayers subsidies. i'm thinking about the biofuel industry. would you subsidies for businesses and corporations. >> i can tell you from my experience serving on several corporate boards for the last 20 years, businesses would very quickly trade giving up any sort of subsidies and what some people call corporate well fare in exchange for less regulation. how about making sarbanes oxly
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and start all over again. how about taking some of the other regulations that are pumping businesses money and start over again. one of the things is putting together a regulatory reduction commission. for example, the e.p.a. and the people i would appoint is everybody that has been abused by the e.p.a. [applause] >> mr. herman cain. [applause] >> please welcome congresswoman my chevy bawkman from minnesota. >> some of us are a little more
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height challenged in the room. thank you all for the wonderful invitation in the live free or die free state. you are the embodyyment of where this country is going. you proved it in the last election. we're extremely proud of you. and this is the core or new clea us and -- you're the leader of the band in all this. so thank you for what you've done. [applause] >> just before the last election when all of us were working to the so hard to change the competition here in the granite state and in the senate of the united states. it looked like we had a really good shot take the house and maybe even the senate. and i got to thinking, and i sat down with my pen and paper, because i wanted to write down what would we do if we actually
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were able to get gavel? what would we do? so i hope you'll indulge me, because i want to read to you way wrote down about what we could do. imagine a stable economic and political environment where a job creator could go to bed each night ray insured the rules of the game their business runs by will remain the same in the foreseeable future. imagine if the federal government announced the following tomorrow. a 25% cut in federal government discretionary spending? that's about the amount president obama increased spending by in his first few months office then we canceled the outstanding stimulus that worked so well, you know. you cancelal it and return the repaid tarps funds to the united states treasury. then we would reinstate the welfare reform act with a lifetime cap of five years.
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that was one of the first things speaker pelosi did. she got rid of what does so well to reform welfare. she got rid of that act. we need to put that back in place. a balanced budget. no tax increases. and a commitment to no increased spending beyond population growth plus inflation. then a letter to every state and local government announcing it will not now or not ever bailout any underfunded public-employed pension plan or health care plan. thank you governor walker. the federal government would then announce the same to private businesses both unionized and non-unionized. in other words you think sam would officially declare himself out of the financial backstop business. that would include telling wall street investors that they have seen the last of federal bailouts. get used to it.
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the dice that wall street rolls would be theirs to deal with, so price accordingly. next you think sam would get out of owning private businesses. start with freddie mac and fannie mae. [applause] >> these failed mortgage monstrosities would be put on an auction block and sold to the highest bidder. minimum bid 50 cents. [laughter] >> and congress would sell government share in aig, the largest insurance company in america, as well as chrysler and g.m., bank of america and sti bank. it's time to get out of the private industry. you think stam sam would then end the government's
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involvement in -- all the expensive tentacles would be repealed and in its place congress would allow americans to purchase any health insurance policy they wanted in any state they want with no minimum mandatory dates using your own tax-free dollars, fully allowing all americans to de duct their costs on their individual tax returns and full tort reform. that's it. you can get that done in about 18 pages, and we're there. the e.p.a. would then be subject to a full review and downsize to emission focus only on conservation of safe air, land and water. no cap and trade. not now. not ever. [applause] congress would then legalize american energy production in natural gas, clean coal. petroleum, solar. heck, hamsters running on a cage.
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what do we care? all without federal subsidies. with spending reduced and you think sam getting out of owning and controlling private industry, they would cut the business tax rate down to the highest from the highest in the world down to 9% or about the lowest in the industrialized world. zero out capital gains. zero out the death tax and zero out alternative minimum tax and all marginal personal income tax rates would be no higher than 20%. in fact we could simplify this even a little further. we could take the federal tax code, and i'm a united states federal tax attorney. we could scrap that thing all together as far as i'm concerned and adopt a national consumption tax. some call it a fair tax, and as
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far as i'm concerned a fair or flat tax. let's get rid of what we've got and start over. [applause] finally, i would have congress pass a mother of all repeal bills tolerablely repeal the last four years of pelosi, reid and obama. [applause] that would be a pleasure. their job-killing agenda and just like the government saved their pet projects and the failed stimulus program. so true should pro growth republicans pass a massive repeal bill that does away with government rules and regulations that kills american job growth. my opinion that should take committed constitutional conservatives about a long tweaked get it done. it will really -- drink your
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energy drink, and away we go. here's the up side. imagine certainty. imagine downsizing government. imagine assurance of future limited government, and imagine government no longer owning private businesses. imagine legalizing new business opportunities. imagine competitive tax rates. imagine the freedom to succeed. we can do this. it really isn't that hard. for you think to put his house in order. and this dream can be our reality in less than two years if we win the triple crown of the house, senate and the white house. i know it can happen. and speaking of a better life, i fought with everything that was in me in congress against obama care. i called for it. and tens of how the st.s of patriots answered by coming to washington, d.c. to fight against this medicine. and i want you to know i am
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committed to not resting until obama care is finally repealed. and it will happen. it will happen. don't give up hope. and here's why i know it will happen. because it's american ingenuity that has given us the greatest nation on eart. just let me end with this one story. polio. polio was a killer. it not only devastated children and adults, it devastated the economy, but a private charity, march of dimes, working together with others were able to bring about a cure. it changed the course of history. america has done that all throughout history, and we can do that again. whether it's energy or health care, you name the subject. we're capable. we just need to get our house in order. thank you. [applause]
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>> what steps would you take that would be most effective to rolling back things? >> right now what we should be doing is funding obama care. if we can't repeal it, we shouldn't give one dime to put this franken design into place. that's something the house of representatives can do. because remember, president obama doesn't have access. harry reid doesn't have access to one dime of your money unless and until the house of representatives authorizes that money. if you have conservatives in charge of the house of representatives, why in the world would we give even one dime to inflate this monster? that's where we have power. that's where we need to stand.
6:42 am
that's line in the sand we need draw right now, to de fund obama care. >> hear, hear. [applause] >> our nation's debt limit now stands at $14.3 trillion, and we're about to exceed it. what should be done this summer when the limit is reached? >> my feeling is we should not increase the debt ceiling. i believe what we have to do, number one is stand for the credit of the united states of america. we have a bail being sponsored by tom mcclintock and says this. it directs tim excite they are in, our secretary treasury who had a little problem of his own. to tell him he is mandated first to pay off all debts of the united states so we don't put that all important full
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faith in credit in the united states at risk. i am here to tell you as i think all of you in this room will agree. we're in trouble now. not 10 years from now. not five years from now. we are in deep trouble now. and you cannot allow us to continue to go on in the united states congress and spend money that we don't have. we're paying a price for this now. and so what we have to do is have a very real conversation today with every segment of our conversation. young, old, black, white, poor, rich, all of us, because we're all americans. we're all in this together. and we have to have a conversation today about why this year we should look seriously at how we are going to balance our budgets this year. have those conversations this year about medicare, medicaid,
6:44 am
social security. dress narrow. our nation is capable of this conversation. the american people aren't children. they are adults. they love this country. i come from a state of minnesota where which i do have one. [laughter] >> generally speaking they stamp democrat on your birth certificate in the united states. i grew up in a democratic house. we were fair-minded people. one thing i know about deals is they are reasonable and fair-minded people. if we lay out where we are at right now in the united states, i believe in reasonable, fair-minded americans wanting to vote that this country goes on. i do. you do. and i think most americans will street this country goes on. >> congress woman michele
6:45 am
bachmann. >> thank you. [applause] >> well, i want you to take note of this, ladies and gentlemen. five potential candidates for the republican nomination. five speeches. two questions to each. and we're finishing 12 minutes ahead of schedule. so give them a hand, by the way. thank you for coming. thank you for coming. thank you-all for coming. and let's make sure the next year unfolds and we have the most direct conversation possible about the comic -- about the economic future of our country. i would like to welcome our state director here in new hampshire for the state of new hampshire. [applause]
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>> what i want to remind everyone why we came tonight, and first and foremost that was to honor a native son of new hampshire. thank you-all. [applause] >> secondly, i'd also like to thank the potential presidential candidates for adhering to our lighting system of red, green and yellow over there. thank you. thirdly, i'd like to remind you , if you are not aware. just a couple important notes. there's a silent auction to the left when you walk out of the door. there's a document all the potential candidates have signed and a picture of the capital i think -- a picture of the capitol i think anybody would like.
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and you can go to american prosperity, you can make a donation or leave a business card at the door. lastly, there was also a poster which everybody will receive as you leave this evening. it is a picture of all the individuals who spoke tonight. we've asked some individuals to sign them. if you want them to sign it. good luck getting to the candidates. >> and finally closing our evening on time, if he is not here, is there another revrend in the house? any other revrend? herman cain, could you come up and give us a closing statement, please? mr. cain? [applause]
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let us pray. all mighty god, we give thanks to you being the creator of all things. we give thanks for this great nation. and we give thanks, o'lord for life itself. we thank you for this fellowship on this evening. and we thank you, dear master, for giving us the opportunity to be a part of the greatest country in the world. the founding fathers did their job. we pray for strength that we can be the defending fathers. this is our prayer, dear lord, amen. [applause]
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>> thank you, very much. and have a good evening. [captioning performed by national captioning institute] [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2011] [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2011] [captioning performed by national captioning institute]
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>> where are you guys from? >> maine. >> wow. good of you to come down. good to see you. >> how are you?
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>> fantastic. what did you think? >> great speech, by the way. >> how are you, sir? >> you were very good. >> thank you. i appreciate your help. >> what a pleasure to have you here tonight. thank you, so much. thanks a lot. thanks. god bless you. >> thank you. >> how are you? >> i'm good. how are you? i haven't seen you since the lincoln-reagan dinner in lincoln. >> good to see you.
6:57 am
>> i'm impressed. >> thank you. >> thanks a lofment -- thanks a lot. i appreciate it. >> are you just delivering now? >> i'm here for a little bit. >> you speak awfully good english. >> well, i was born in america. >> you didn't learn that in school. that's great. how are you, dear? >> wonderful.
6:58 am
>> thanks for being here. pleasure. pleasure. thank you so much. >> how are you, sir? >> oh, you got one of those ugly expressions. [laughter] >> thanks a lot, sir. >> oh, you got this color? would this be conservative? >> yes. >> last one. >> ok. >> nice action shot. >> look at this. i got my mouth wide-open. >> god bless you. thanks very much. >> god bless you. >> thank you. thank you. thank you so much for your encouragement. >> thank you. >> pleasure. >> good job. >> how are you? >> betty's brother. very good.
6:59 am
>> next, live. your calls and comments on "washington journal." then remarks by e.p.a. administrator lisa jackson. then a white house forum on energy security. >> what i try to do is tell a story with visuals instead of words. i'm basically writing stories with images. >> carol guzy has won the pulitzer more than any journalist. >> i think the great thing is we get to experience so much on so many differental levels. >> you can download a podcast of q & a. it's one of our many signature programs at >> this morning nicholas from the heritage foundation looks


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